On 1. December 1945, shortly after the Second World War, JOVYATLAS was founded by the engineer Dr. Richard Klaus Jovy. The history of JOVYATLAS GmbH is marked by continuity, pioneering spirit and innovative strength. Electronic rectifiers for cinemas, frequency converters, alternating rectifiers and later UPS-systems and hospital emergency power supplies equipment were part of the first product range programme of Dr. Jovy. We still comply with this tradition today.

Our product range is constantly being adapted to modern requirements, with a view to the future. In its 63-year history JOVYATLAS has developed into the international company it is today – selling on all five continents.

UPS products by JOVYATLAS

Areas of use

In many areas today UPS systems are indispensable. Whereas in the past only the most essential installations were protected against mains failure by a UPS system, nowadays their compact design, cutting edge technology and low prices mean that they are used to protect all vulnerable components and all components needed for problem-free processing. In the meanwhile, banks, printing offices, computer and logistics centres, broadcasting houses and so on are no longer conceivable without UPS systems. JOVYATLAS can offer you the right system for all power output ranges and for all applications.

DC products by JOVYATLAS (Rectifiers)

Since its foundation 63 years ago rectifiers have been included in the engineering and product range of JOVYATLAS. A large number of standard products and many tailor-made power supply systems which use rectifiers are currently in operation around the world. We differentiate between three fields:

Switched-mode rectifiers
In this market segment JOVYATLAS offers different power supplies employing switched-mode power supply technology in the performance range of 300 W to 8 kW. Because almost all these systems are parallel selectable, larger power can be realized without problems.
Thyristor rectifiers
JOVYATLAS offers thyristor rectifiers based on conventional analogue technology and modern, innovative digital technology. Whether for power stations, shipbuilding or simply in the field of automation – you will find that we can provide a tailor-made solution for every application.
Lamp rectifiers
JOVYATLAS offers lamp rectifiers in different technology and for different fields of application. All these technologies are suitable to supply xenon lamps, mercury vapour lamps or other mixed lamps with the necessary electrical power. These technologies are mainly used by application in the field of cinemas and laboratories.

Resistor products by JOVYATLAS

JOVYATLAS has developed in past decades into one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of resistors. Our resistor installations are used worldwide for highly varied applications and load types. JOVYATLAS has a tradition of designing and manufacturing resistors that goes back more than 63 years. See for yourself. Our range of resistor products extends from the small 100 W tube resistor through to the large container load bank with an output of 7.2 MW. With our comprehensive experience in designing and developing controllers, switchgear, and PLC control units, we are also in a position to offer you resistors as part of a complete solution.

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